Some electronic musical instruments

Electronic musical instruments are musical instruments that use circuits to produce sound. It must be said that the evolution of music has followed the technological one. There are several electronic musical instruments. In the following content, you will see some musical instruments used in electro.

Acoustic instruments

Acoustic instruments are one of the musical instruments used to make electro music. They give a lot of possibilities to the sonic preference of the one who makes them. It is then necessary to look for processes likely to lead to physical vibrations. Today, empirically, many artists are looking for ways to improve the power of their instrument with better quality.
Indeed, acoustic instruments make up several elements. There is the material body. This is used to exert vibrations at the audible frequencies. This is done with hearing through the ears. There is also some system which is used by the musician to emit vibrations.
Mechanical equipment is also needed. This material amplifies the vibrations.

Electromechanical instruments

Electro mechanics is an instrument resulting from the mechanism of oscillation and an amplifier that replaces the resonator. Still called an electric musical instrument, this instrument transforms the periodic oscillations of vibrations to obtain oscillating electricity.
It is characterized by electric guitars that were very popular many years ago, but which are improving considerably today. The sound systems increase the acoustic powers that are delivered.

Electro-analog instruments

These instruments eliminate physical vibrations in favor of electronic oscillating regulators. These are based on integrated circuits, capacitors, inductors, lamps. All this to get closer to the sounds produced by other musical instruments such as electro-mechanical or mechanical instruments.
The decomposition of a sound and the analysis of all its constituents which are partials, harmonics, non-periodic noises, allow, among other things, to have the possibility of making modifications according to one's preferences and convenience

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