How to become a pianist?

Playing the piano is not a gift you are born with. You can be a gifted pianist. But before you are, you learn it. Becoming a pianist is therefore not a magic thing. You just need to set to work with determination. To do this, you have to give yourself a lot more in your learning. Some tips to see below.

Develop a dexterity worthy of the piano

Dexterity is like a pet peeve for some piano apprentices. So that everyone can get to have this skill.
You can use a piano teacher, that's what
which is recommended. It is very beneficial to have a teacher who teaches you the techniques and methods to become a pro pianist yourself.
Indeed, dexterity is this ability that you have to mobilize well on the keyboard. In addition, this must be accompanied by speed. But, having better precision in speed is not easy. It takes a lot of work to have very precise fingers on the keyboard.
To have this ability, you have to do exercises. Doing octave descents and ascents exercises is very important. You also need to master the spread of the fingers but also the chords. Training to know how to make chord sequences is a big challenge that must be overcome.

Playing the piano and singing at the same time

Ever wonder how hard it is to play the piano, and how to play it while singing? This is a normal reaction. But it is possible and a lot of pianists are already doing it. The song should be viewed as a second instrument that you play. It's not easy anyway, but not impossible.
The difficulty in playing the piano while singing lies above all in the coordination between the two rhythms. To succeed in this superposition, you must first master your piano and the song. Then you have to synchronize your voice and your hands.

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